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What Fluid Leaks Say About Vehicle Health

Whether it’s green, red, or brown, a fluid leak isn’t something to ignore. Learn how to determine where the drip might be coming from based on the fluid’s color.

Help Your Teen Driver Handle Spring Roads

Your teen just got their license, and you’re naturally worried about driving challenges faced in spring. Sunny one moment, raining or hail the next. And lots of road cone zones.

One safety expert suggests using that honest fact to start a conversation.

Alaska: State Begins 150th Anniversary

Alaska offers rich deposits of oil, minerals, wildlife and reality television shows. And it’s all thanks to a deal with the Russians 150 years ago this month.

Storage Accessories Keep Stuff In Its Place

High Road SwingAway™ Front Seat Car Organizer

The passenger seat makes a decent storage space--until you make a turn and everything slides onto the floor.

Plenty of storage devices keep your car neat and tidy, and a vehicle organizer keeps everything in its place--especially those unwieldy groceries.

Mom Was Right: A Good Night's Sleep Makes Drivers Alert

A restless night counting sheep can put you at risk behind the wheel. A drowsy driver makes for a lousy driver, as experts have linked a poor night's sleep ups the odds of crash the following day.


Indoor Herb Garden Adds Flavorful Touch

It’s surprisingly easy to set up a small herb garden in your kitchen. Here’s some basic tips to get you started.

How To Give Your Car New Sparkle In Spring

Spring cleaning extends to the family car, too.

Here’s the four simple ways to restore  shine to your ride while the flowers are blooming and birds are singing.

Avoid Costly Repairs With Wheel Alignment

You clipped the curb while trying to parallel park and now the car drifts right. Left unaddressed, you could face an expensive repair or tire replacement. Now what?


Aromatherapy Makes for Relaxing Commute

A deep breath during gridlock works wonders--especially when you have a diffuser putting wisps of vanilla, lemon or lavender in the air.

There’s no shortage of delivery options for aromatics. How do you choose from waxes, diffusers, essential oils and good old-fashioned scented cardboard?

Need for Speed Leads to Trouble for Teens

Five to 10 miles above the speed limit may not seem significant, especially to teen drivers.

Yet, a few mph usually becomes the dividing line between a safe journey and an accident.