How to Keep Outside From Ruining Inside

You picked the kids up from football practice and they piled into the car--soaking cleats and all.

Mud and stains embed themselves in the previously pristine carpet, and the interior takes on a musty odor.

How can you prevent this from happening to you? Well, rubber floor mats are a good place to start this fall.

Seven Accessories For Driving This Fall

Fall’s arrival means it won’t be long before you’re driving on wet, foggy roads.

Stocking up on seasonal accessories will prepare you for whatever the weather throws your way. Check out our top seven accessories for fall driving.

Help With Your Back-To-School Shopping List

School is starting once again. And that means driving from store to store to get them all the supplies they need. Fortunately, plenty of experts have recommendations for stocking up on this back-to-school season.

Drivers turn to dash cams for video evidence during accidents

Dash cams become eye witness to driving incidents

Cameras similar to those worn by thrillseekers are finding their way to the dashboards of safety-conscious drivers.

“Dash cameras are helpful in hit-and-run collisions – or other situations where you’d want to get someone’s license plate,” said Johan-Till Broer of Garman, a Kansas-based electronics company that started making dash cameras this year.

Don't let all the small electronics turn a good day bad

It’s not enough anymore for your car’s battery to just help start the engine. It also needs to power a navigation system, charge your cell phone, operate a back-up camera and a plethora of 21st century conveniences. 

So how do you ensure your battery has enough strength to do all that and prevent you from being stranded thousands of miles from home on your summer road trip?