Aromatherapy Makes for Relaxing Commute

A deep breath during gridlock works wonders--especially when you have a diffuser putting wisps of vanilla, lemon or lavender in the air.

There’s no shortage of delivery options for aromatics. How do you choose from waxes, diffusers, essential oils and good old-fashioned scented cardboard?

Give Your Car A Boost With Portable Charger

A portable battery charger stashed discreetly in the trunk offers an alternative to calling roadside assistance.

However, experts urge consumers to do their homework and select a product that’s durable, functional and, above all, safe.

Keep Your Car Clean With Protective Mats

Fabric floor mats become sponges in wet weather. Ditch them in favor of rubber floor mats durable enough to weather all the soil, salt, snow and rain getting tracked into the car this winter.

Bring More With You, Install a Roof Rack

You can't take it all with you, though the right roof rack can haul quite a bit this holiday season.

Portable Vacuums Give Drivers A Handle on Spring Allergens

Never underestimate the power of convenience, especially when it comes to cleaning.

A portable vacuum with plenty of attachments addresses those crevices, contours and uneven surfaces where colonies of allergens and irritants thrive.

Take your battle to the source by keeping a portable vacuum in your vehicle.

Drivers turn to dash cams for video evidence during accidents

Dash cams become eye witness to driving incidents

Cameras similar to those worn by thrillseekers are finding their way to the dashboards of safety-conscious drivers.

“Dash cameras are helpful in hit-and-run collisions – or other situations where you’d want to get someone’s license plate,” said Johan-Till Broer of Garman, a Kansas-based electronics company that started making dash cameras this year.

Don't let all the small electronics turn a good day bad

It’s not enough anymore for your car’s battery to just help start the engine. It also needs to power a navigation system, charge your cell phone, operate a back-up camera and a plethora of 21st century conveniences. 

So how do you ensure your battery has enough strength to do all that and prevent you from being stranded thousands of miles from home on your summer road trip?