Before You Go

Help Your Teen Driver Handle Spring Roads

Your teen just got their license, and you’re naturally worried about driving challenges faced in spring. Sunny one moment, raining or hail the next. And lots of road cone zones.

One safety expert suggests using that honest fact to start a conversation.

Mom Was Right: A Good Night's Sleep Makes Drivers Alert

A restless night counting sheep can put you at risk behind the wheel. A drowsy driver makes for a lousy driver, as experts have linked a poor night's sleep ups the odds of crash the following day.


Don't Get Left In Cold With Worn Out Spare

A spare tire has one job: Get you to a service station.

Of course, that can only happen if the spare itself is ready for use.

So when was the last time your spare was inspected?

Sinkholes No Longer A Rarity on Roadways

Of all the worries drivers encounter--slick roads, motorists on cell phones, traffic light runners and more--add a new category to the list.

Sinkholes have gone from rare oddity to recurring phenomenon in our urban landscape and range from benign inconvenience to deadly catastrophe. Here’s what to know.

Repair Chips, Cracks Before Spring Weather

Ignoring that chip in the windshield isn’t a long-term solution. In fact, there’s a chance the wound will only expand as the temperature drops this winter.

Improve Winter Safety With Quality Blades

Stormy weather from California to New York has made driving conditions treacherous.

One of the simplest ways to improve driving safety also is one of the least expensive--a new set of quality blades. 

Their First Winter in the Driver’s Seat

Take the passenger seat with your teenage driver this winter, and use the time to review some basic safety tips for driving in foul weather.

How to Stay on Track By Going Old School

Authentic road trips rely on a creased map stashed in the glove box or seat pocket. GPS navigation is a helpful accessory--like training wheels, or those gutter guards in bowling--but there’s something comforting about holding a hard copy.

You can write on it, spill coffee on it, and it never needs a software update.

Three Ways to Make Tires Last Longer

An underinflated tire poses a safety risk and also wears out faster. Can you rely on tire warning lights in your dashboard? No really. Here's why.

Tips for Choosing the Right Vehicle Battery

Batteries are fickle things. Too much cold, too much heat and they can stop performing. Fear not--there are some simple ways of keeping the power flowing all year long. See how.