Safety Update

Need for Speed Leads to Trouble for Teens

Five to 10 miles above the speed limit may not seem significant, especially to teen drivers.

Yet, a few mph usually becomes the dividing line between a safe journey and an accident.

Sinkholes No Longer A Rarity on Roadways

Of all the worries drivers encounter--slick roads, motorists on cell phones, traffic light runners and more--add a new category to the list.

Sinkholes have gone from rare oddity to recurring phenomenon in our urban landscape and range from benign inconvenience to deadly catastrophe. Here’s what to know.

Beat Back the Holiday Bulge

Putting on weight during the holidays isn’t unusual, and dieticians don’t fault you for doing so. The bigger concern is dumping that extra mass once the celebrations have ended and life returns to normal.

Drivers Get a Brake Out of Innovative Driving Technology

Decisions made in fractions of a millisecond are the difference between a close call and a collision. There’s not enough room for human error to fit through that small a window.

That’s why  technology that applies the brakes faster than the driver is effectively becoming an industry standard.