Seasonal Driving

Seasonal Drives That Include All That Jazz

New Orleans invented jazz, but they’re far from the only city that celebrates the genre with a multi-day festival.

Starting in spring and continuing through summer, stages across the nation host artists sharing their talents and paying homage to legends like Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie.

Alaska: State Begins 150th Anniversary

Alaska offers rich deposits of oil, minerals, wildlife and reality television shows. And it’s all thanks to a deal with the Russians 150 years ago this month.

Indoor Herb Garden Adds Flavorful Touch

It’s surprisingly easy to set up a small herb garden in your kitchen. Here’s some basic tips to get you started.

History Abounds at George Washington's Mt. Vernon Plantation

Presidential homes often serve as a snapshot to bygone times and a vivid connection with our historical roots.

Mt. Vernon offers fun insights into the life of George Washington and sobering realities faced by the young democracy.

Pacific Coast Drive: Ocean Meets 'Wow!'

There’s a reason Highways 1 and 101 from California to Washington attract drivers from all over the globe.

Simply put, this long and winding road leaves travelers awestruck--1,400 miles of windswept vistas and foaming ocean.

USO: 75 Years of Help to America’s Veterans

It started as a way to give soldiers some structured down time and a laugh or two.

Seventy-five years later the United Service Organization is vital to providing veterans and active military with essential services. Comedian Bob Hope made the USO famous by performing for troops, but entertainment accounts for only a part of the organization’s mission.

PGA Stays On A Roll One Century Later

A 100 score may be a dismal round of golf, but it's a number worth celebrating for Professional Golfers Association.

PGA turned 100 this year and has grown into an international organization with more than 28,000 instructors and professionals.

America's Dams: Adventure for All Ages

There’s just something about a wall of cement holding back billions of gallons of water that inspires awe. It’s a fascinating blend of brute force, gumption and technology.

We’ve come a long way since the first block dam was built in Jordan 3,000 years ago. Take a tour of America’s most famous dams.

Radio Language Ushered in Clear Talk

Romeo Echo Alpha Delta--Mike Echo. Do you copy?

Learn how the world’s most popular phonetic language got it’s start.

75th Anniversary of Mt. Rushmore

Ink fades, paper disintegrates and digital files vanish with a click. But stone lasts for centuries.

Mount Rushmore turns 75 this year, making 2016 an ideal time to visit what very well could be America’s most enduring monument.